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Transforming Education Through Critical Leadership, Policy and Practice

Transforming Education Through Critical Leadership, Policy and Practice is based on the belief that those in educational leadership and policy- constructing roles have an obligation to educate for a robust critical and democratic polity in which citizens can contribute to an open and socially just society. Advocating for a critical, socially just democracy goes beyond individual and procedural concerns characteristic of liberalism and seeks to raise and address fundamental questions pertaining to power, privilege and oppression. It recognises that much of what has gone under the name of transformational leadership in education seeks to transform very little, but rather it serves to reproduce systems that generate structural inequalities based on class, gender, race, (dis)ability and sexual orientation. This series seeks to explore how genuinely transformative approaches to educational leadership, policy and practice can disrupt the neoliberal hegemony that has dominated education systems globally for several decades, but which now looks increasingly vulnerable. The series will publish high quality books, both of a theoretical and empirical nature, that explicitly address the challenges and critiques of the current neoliberal conditions, while steering leadership and policy discourse and practices away from neoliberal orthodoxy towards a more transformative perspective of education leadership. The series is particularly keen to ?think beyond?traditional notions of educational leadership to include those who lead in educative ways ? in social movements and civil society organisations as well as in educational institutions.



University of Ottawa

Our founder, Dr. Stephanie Chitpin, is the recipient of the 2020 Research Excellence Award at the University of Ottawa.

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